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Meet Our Staff

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Jason Schepp

I believe we are all created unique and in God’s image. Each of us with talents and gifts that God has blessed us with. It is with this in mind, that I strive to teach, lead and share the gift of Salvation in Christ with all people. At EastBrook, we believe that we are called to make disciples, and I want to invite you come and grow with us as we share in the great gift of Grace that is eternal life.  |  Tel: 724-814-2355

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Director of Children's Ministries


Our focus is to welcome our students and build community where they can flourish.  We are currently seeking a person that is called to work with our students, and engage them in teaching, fellowship and community.  If you are, or know someone who would be interested, please checkout the job description here.  |  Tel: 724.654.5944

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Youth Director

Sara Keck

Teens are a vibrant part of our community, with energy, talent and enthusiasm, they bring excitement to the community. We value their uniqueness, and their desire to be who they are. For our teens grades 6 and up, we have designed Emerge H20 and Beyond to welcome them and share with them as members of our community. Check out our youth ministry page for events and photos or contact Sara for more information.  |  Tel: 724.654.5944


Worship Director

Greta Grossman

We come together in praise and worship to be authentic before God.  It is our hope that, when we meet, we can come together in unity, giving us the opportunity to experience God’s love and presence in a mighty way.  Please join us in worship as we grow in faith and deepen our relationships with Christ.  |  Tel:724.654.5944

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