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Our church family is growing, and we want to make sure we have connections in that growth. One of the best ways to do that is to make sure we have a face to go with a name. In 2017 we published our last directory, and since then we have added a lot of new faces to our community of faith and need to update that directory. So, on February 19th, we are hosting Life Touch to update that directory for the new year. The session is open to all, but specifically, if you have had a change to your family, or are new to our family, we want to make sure we get your photo.

You can sign up by registering @ the Join link under the events page on the website ( or in person at the welcome table on Sunday morning. Times are available from 2-9pm on 2/19 on the half hour. I.e. 2pm, 2:30pm etc...

Check in for more information, we want to get everyone in for the directory!


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